Outer Thighs Liposuction (Saddlebag Liposuction)

Outer Thighs Liposuction, Saddlebag Liposuction Suregry in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Egypt

Saddlebags can give you true nightmares. When there is an excessive and unhealthy weight gain, the fat gathers on the outside of the thighs predominantly and that area outside the thighs; these are called saddlebags. If no amount of exercise and dietary discipline is helping you, then you can opt for saddlebag liposuction or outer thigh liposuction.

You Cosmetic surgeon will examine you on certain parameters since fat deposits in the hip area vary from person to person in amount, thickness, and location. During the surgery, you will be given topical anesthesia to give you a sense of comfort and painlessness. For skilful outer thigh fat liposuction, the surgeon will take his/her time measure the fat and mark the high deposit areas.  These fat deposits of the hip or thigh on each side of the body are removed during the same operation, so the patient’s appearance after surgery will be symmetrical.

One of the important reasons to fly to India for surgery is to save duty, which is imposed otherwise on cosmetic surgeries done in other countries. Cosmetic Surgery in Mumbai, India costs relatively less compared to regions like the Egypt and other parts of the world. Medical tourists from Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor travel the most to India.

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